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April, 2019

How to Change Your Oil Filter

It’s recommended that you change your oil filter every time you replace your engine oil, which should be every 3,000 miles.

For most, that’s between 2 and 6 times a year.

If you don’t change your filter, harmful particles will linger in your engine oil, leading to costly engine damage – damage that may eventually become irreparable.

The good news is that you can easily learn to change your own oil filter. It’s one of the easiest car parts to self-service.

With DIY Car Service Parts’ simple step-by-step guide, you’ll soon be successfully completing filter changes on your own driveway.


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5 Steps to Change Your Oil Filter

Disclaimer: Every vehicle is different. This is a general guide.

1. Warm the Engine

First, run the engine for a few minutes. The heat will cause contaminants to circulate in the warm oil and prevent them from getting stuck in the oil pump. When you drain your oil, harmful particles won’t be left behind to contaminate your fresh engine oil. Also, warm oil is thicker than cold oil, so it will drain faster.

Be careful not to leave your engine running for too long though, as the oil will get hot enough to burn you.

2. Prepare

Remember to wear protective gloves before handling engine oil.

Place the bucket or drip tray underneath the oil sump plug to collect the old oil as it drains.

3. Drain the Engine Oil

Loosen the sump plug with a wrench and remove it by hand. Once all the old engine oil has drained, re-tighten the plug.

4. Replace the Oil Filter

Use the wrench to remove the old filter. Then, lubricate the new filter by coating the seal with fresh engine oil. Tighten the new filter into place by hand.

Read this blog post to find out how to recycle your old oil filter responsibly.

Read this blog post if you’re struggling to remove a stuck oil filter.

5. Replace Engine Oil

Open the bonnet and replace your engine oil.

Run the engine to check that there aren’t any leaks. If you do identify a leak, turn the engine off immediately and correct the problem or seek further assistance.

Check the oil level again before you drive. When it’s correct, your filter change is complete.

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Quick Oil Filter Tips

  • If you have a jack, raise the front of your car to provide easier access to the oil filter. Always use jack stands for maximum safety.
  • Before beginning, ensure you know where your oil filter is. Filter location varies, but it’s usually accessible from underneath the vehicle. Keep in mind that the filter may be shielded by the undertray (which will need to be removed).
  • Place paper towels under your car to absorb any oil spillages.
  • It’s recommended that you change your oil filter at the same time as replacing your engine oil – the whole process will take less than an hour.
  • Dispose of your old filter and engine oil at an oil drop-off centre or recycling facility.

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Purchasing Your Filter

Oil filters vary from screw-on metal canisters to cylindrical plastic casings that hold paper elements. Some are designed for higher mileages, some are designed for regular mileage. Some are disposable, some are reusable. 

Unsure which filter is best for your car?

Use our number plate lookup tool to instantly access the oil filters that will fit your vehicle. Simply enter your registration plate and let us do the work.

All DIY car service parts are manufactured by trusted, high-quality brands. Here are just a few of the brands that we stock.

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