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May, 2019

How Your Air Filter Can Improve Fuel Economy

Your car needs clean air. Replacing your air filter allows fresh air to pass through your engine to mix with fuel, improving fuel economy.

A Dirty Air Filter Inhibits Airflow | DIY Car Service Parts | Middlewich

A Dirty Filter Inhibits Airflow

Air filters trap tiny particles and contaminants in paper or synthetic fibre media. The more the media fills with dirt and debris, the harder the engine must work – and the more your fuel consumption will rise. But when you replace your filter, cleaner air mixes with the fuel, generating a higher MPG.

Changing an air filter is an inexpensive, quick fix that can easily be achieved on the driveway. Aim to change yours approximately every 15,000 miles – more often if you drive in particularly dusty conditions –to keep your fuel economy at its best . Your owner’s manual will offer advice specific to your model on when to change your filter too.

Unfortunately, you can’t tell whether your filter is clogged just by looking at it because the filter clogs from the inside. However, if you hold it up and find that little light can pass through, there’s a good chance it’s clogged enough to warrant a replacement.

Read our signs that you need a new air filter here.

Quick tip: a dirty air filter should always be replaced, not cleaned.

    Benefits of Replacing Your Air Filter | DIY Car Service Parts | Middlewich

    Additional Benefits of Replacing Your Air Filter

    Using a high-quality filter will reduce the emissions that your vehicle releases. Find out about the different types of air filter here.

    Using a quality filter will not only improve your fuel economy, it will also improve your vehicle performance. Changing a clogged filter can increase acceleration by 6-11% in modern fuel-injected cars.


    A new air filter can increase acceleration by up to

    Replacing Your Air Filter | DIY Car Service Parts | Middlewich

    Replacing Your Air Filter

    Get your car regularly serviced – or self-service it – to ensure that your filter is replaced when necessary and that your fuel economy is optimised.

    The benefits of a new air filter are immediate – a replacement can increase your MPG by up to 10%, saving your fuel costs.

    The more debris your filter prevents from entering your engine, the further your vehicle’s lifespan is likely to be extended.

    If you’re unsure which air filter you need for your next service, simply enter your registration plate into our car lookup tool, and we’ll instantly generate a list of quality air filters that will fit your vehicle.

    All DIY car service parts are manufactured by trusted, high-quality brands. Here are just a few of the brands that we stock.

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