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Comline are one of the fastest growing automotive brands in Europe, they established themselves in 1991 as one of the leading independent British suppliers of aftermarket replacement car parts for all popular European, Japanese and Korean vehicle applications. Comline offer a wide variety of consisen, reliable performance parts that are value for money, this diverse range is well known by our unmistakable blue and yellow packaging which carries the Comline name and quality.


Air Filter

Air filters play a vital role in maintaining the performance of any vehicle and quality is therefore essential. Fortunately, Comline has you covered with a broad range of air filter applications designed and manufactured with quality at the core.

Oil Filter

All of Comlines oil filters are 100% pressure tested to guarantee performance and reliablity. This focus on quality ensures that each and every Comline oil filter meets the criteria laid out by UK and EU directives. You can therefore fit Comline oil filters with absolute confidence.

Cabin / Pollen Filter

The cabin filter is essential to safeguard the health of vehicle occupants by ensuring that they are breathing clean, filtered air. With the typical lifespan of a cabin filter being 12,000km - 15,000km. Activated carbon filters differ from standard cabin filters in the way they interact with pollutants and pollen. Carbon filters use charged particles to actively attract and capture pollutants, thus offering superior filtering capabilities. Comline offers a variety of activated carbon filters as part of the cabin filter range.

Fuel Filter

Fuel filters play an important part in taking care of an engine and ensuring a long life for the vehicle. A quality fuel filter effectively removes molecules or pollutants that can be detrimental to engine performance. With an engine running smoothly, performance is maintained and more optimal MPG levels are achieved.


Brake Disc

To ensure Comline Brake Discs perform to the highest standards each disc is precisely manufactured using state of the art CNC machines before being subjected to a final, 100% dyno balance test, ensuring safety, reliability and performance from each and every brake disc.

Brake Pad

All Comline brake pads are ECE R-90 certified ('E' Certified), a label awarded under EU regulations to guarantee that a brake pad performs to within +/- 15% of the original part. Every Comline part number is subject to independent scrutiny and must pass a series of tests to achieve its 'E' certified status. Numerous applications within the Comline brake pad range are fitted with an innovation RMR (Rubber-Metal-Rubber) 'Clip On' shim designed to reduce noise and eliminate brake squeal.

Steering & Suspension

Ball Joint

Comline Ball Joints are built to last with components that are rigorously tested for performance and durability. Built for strength and designed to cope with the demands of modern motoring, Comline Ball Joints offer superb static and dynamic load bearing capabilities.

Control Arm

Comline offers a comprehensive range of Suspension Arms and Track Control Arms with Bushes included. Parts are available with or without Ball Joints and manufactured from various metals, including steel, cast iron and aluminium.

Suspension Bushes

Comlines comprehensive range of rubber-to-metal Bushes provide high-calibre performance and in-depth coverage across the vehicle parc. Premium quality materials are carefully deployed to ensure an OE-quality fit while state of the art bonding techniques guaranteemile-after-mile reliability and performance.

Stabiliser Links

Comlines range of Stabiliser Links provides coverage across the European, Japanese & Korean vehicle parc. Manufactured in steel, plastic and aluminium, Comline utilise only high-quality components to guarantee performance and deliver impressive torque force tolerance.

Tie Rod

There extensive range of Comline Tie Rods (Axial Joints) and Tie Rod Ends are manufactured from high-quality, heat-treated materials to deliver balance, strength and longevity. In short, Comline Tie Rod and Tie Rod Ends are built to perform.


Clutch Kit

Comline focuses on Single Mass Flywheel (SMF) clutch kits, a technology that has stood the test of time and offers a track record of reliability. More complex Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) kits available on the market are more complex and therefore significantly more costly due to the greater number of parts involved. There is also a serious question mark over the long-term reliability of the DMF variants.

CV Joint

Comline CV joints are provided with all the clips, bolts and grease required for easy fitment to the vehicle.

Wheel Hub

The hub assembly is a vital component in the tranmission operation and it's essential that quality parts are fitted in this safety critical category. Comline hub bearing assembly kits are produced to deliver the reliability and performance required whilst ensuring a trouble-free fit to the vehicle. As is the case with all Comline products this quality is available at extremely competitive prices.

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