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Febi Bilsteins

Febi Bilstein

Family-owned company Febi Bilstein stocks over 37,000 technical wear parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Boasting global availability, Febi manages 21 international subsidiaries, with representation in over 70 countries.

Febi’s primary focus on providing utmost quality guarantees reliability to consumers. Highly technical staff test automotive parts in centrally controlled laboratories closely to ensure unbeatable quality, examining accuracy of fit, materials and workmanship. Extensive inspections of samples make Febi’s first-class products popular worldwide.

With over 150 qualified employees, over 10,000m2 of production space and 170 years of experience in metalwork, Febi Bilstein is renowned for reliability and superiority in the car parts market.

Febi Bilstein Car Parts Timeline

Febi Bilstein…

1844: was founded by Ferdinand Daniel Bilstein, who began trading in procured and custom-made metal products.

1880: shifted the core business focus to turned screws and nuts.

1921: introduced the patented spring bolt – the major rise in exports led Febi to launch company subsidiaries in various key markets from this point.

1923: registered their brand name.

1924: expanded their automotive product range widely over coming years.

1937: launched the first repair kits for kingpin.

1951: began to produce spare parts for trucks.

1980: set up a broad trading programme over the decade to supplement their product range.

1995: shifted their product focus to spare parts for European vehicles.

2012: became part of the Bilstein Group, which comprises numerous renowned brands.

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