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Not only is Valeo a global automotive supplier, but the company also partners with numerous automakers to offer the highest quality solutions for drivers around the world. Valeo has an established presence in 33 countries, operating 191 production units and 59 R&D centres, which informed Valeo’s expansion of 13,000 new products in 2019 alone. Amongst these products, Valeo now offers an expansive range of sensors for vehicles’ front, rear and surround views using radars and light detection and ranging technology.

As the demand for vehicles that use less fuel and generate minimal pollution grows, Valeo remains dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions in the automotive industry. Now the global number one for electric vehicle solutions, Valeo’s technologies cut energy consumption, improve aerodynamics and optimise thermal management.

Valeo Timeline


1923: was established by Eugène Buisson, the French representative for Ferodo brake linings, in a small workshop in Saint-Ouen, France. Eugène manufactured friction materials under the company name Société Anonyme Française de Ferodo (SAFF).

1932: expanded to produce clutches and was listed on Paris’ stock exchange. By the time World War II had started, SAFF already held most patents relating to clutches.

1950s: modernised and expanded its factories, primarily in Normandy and Amiens, as the company’s original facilities had been damaged and destroyed during the war.

1953: celebrated its 30th anniversary.

1962: took over SOFICA, which specialised in heating and air conditioning. Valeo also went on to expand throughout Europe during the sixties.

1970: opened a research centre and wind tunnel in Paris. Valeo then acquired many European firms and extended its product range to encompass spark plugs, starters, alternators, lighting, wipers and ignition systems.

1974: launched thermal systems activity in Brazil.

1980: rebranded as Valeo, uniting all of the firm’s brands. ‘Valeo’ means ‘I am well’ in Latin. At this point, Valeo also opened its first site in America.

1982: opened another site in Mexico.

1984: took over Duecellier, which produced starters, alternators, ignition system and headlights. Valeo then also established a site in Tunisia.

1987: acquired Neiman and released security systems activity.

1988: opened inaugural sites in Turkey and South Korea.

1990s: released the ‘5 Axes’ quality system and expanded into China, Poland, the Czech Republic and India.

2000s: began developing parking assistance systems, which use ultrasonic sensors. Valeo also opened a R&D centre in Wuhan, China, and released the revolutionary stop-start technology.

2005: acquired Johnson Controls’ engine electronics division.

2011: acquired Niles, the Japanese automotive supplier, and became the global leader of interior controls.

2013: celebrated its 90th anniversary.

2017: opened an artificial intelligence research centre for automotive applications in Paris.

2018: became a global leader in electrification. Valeo fits a third of all vehicles around the world with electric systems today.

2019: won a R&D award for its LED smart lighting technology at the Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese Teams.