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Over the last century, Victor Reinz has developed advanced sealing technologies to enable even the most complex of automotive repairs. Today, Victor Reinz is one of the largest international automotive suppliers, operating more than 150 facilities in 34 countries. As part of the Dana Group, Victor Reinz is often seen alongside Glaser, Spicer, GWB and Tru-Cool brands and has won a host of awards and certificates.

Victor Reinz serves passenger vehicle, commercial truck and off-road automotive markets, offering internationally recognised sealing products, which are free of solvents, permanently elastic, non-hardening and perfect for joints that are subject to vibrations. Victor Reinz also supplies cylinder-head gaskets and bolts, gasket materials, oil seals, valve stem seals, turbocharger mounting kits, valve cover gaskets, intake manifold gaskets and exhaust manifold gaskets.

Victor Reinz Timeline

Victor Reinz…

1904: was established as Spicer Manufacturing Company in Ohio by Clarence Spicer, who manufactured universal joints. Five years later, the Victor brothers manufactured the first cylinder head gasket in Chicago.

1914: welcomed Charles Dana, Spicer’s new president and treasurer. Six years later, Hugo Reinz began manufacturing gaskets in Germany.

1946: rebranded as the Dana Corporation in honour of Charles Dana.

1966: acquired the Victor Gasket Manufacturing Company.

1993: acquired the Reinz Company, forming Victor Reinz.

2007: became the exclusive distributor of Victor Reinz gaskets in North America.

2016: acquired Magnum Gaskets.

2018: developed the online Dana Training Academy, which focuses on Victor Reinz gaskets.