Laser Tools 3113 Engine Timing Tool Kit - BMW

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  • This comprehensive set of tools enables the correct timing positions to be achieved on both camshaft and crankshaft whilst replacing the timing chain on both petrol and diesel engines. The kit includes a special wrench for controlled turning of the exhaust camshaft sprocket when removing and installing the VANOS unit. Also included is a primary timing chain pre-load tool for tensioning the timing chain on M50 M52 M42 and M60 engines.
  • A comprehensive timing tool set that includes the tools required to set both the camshafts and crankshafts as well as remove the Vanos unit
  • Specifically designed for M42, M43, M50, M52 and M60 petrol engines
  • Also used on M51 diesel engine
  • Chain driven engines
  • Kit in metal tray also available Part No. 4544