Laser Tools 5269 Slide Hammer Kit 7.5Kg

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  • A unique designed slide hammer that is an essential part of any bodyshop or professional automotive workshop. Designed to provide significant impact forces and is used with both hands on the sliding weight. It has several unique features to enhance and extend its usability: • Double-ended threaded shaft: the shaft features a 5/8" UNF thread at one end and a M18 x 1.5 metric thread at the other. The static shaft handle has the same specification threads at either end to allow the user to assemble the unit to provide either the metric or UNF thread to connect to the intended puller/adaptor (e.g., injector adaptor, hub puller, etc.) A lock nut of each of the correct thread size is included. • The 7.5kg sliding weight is equipped with two handles which enables two-handed operation. • The shaft is provided with two holes to take R-clips which secure the sliding hammer weight during transportation and storage.
  • 7.5 kg slide hammer with 660mm shaft.
  • Unique handle design allows it to be used with all accessories with either M18 or 5/8" UNF threads.
  • Ideal for use with Laser 4760 diesel injector set, all body work tools and hub pullers etc.
  • Spring clips hold the head in place for safety reasons.
  • Made in Sheffield.