Laser Tools 6084 Brake Disc Run Out Kit

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  • A 3 piece kit designed specifically to allow a DTi gauge to be mounted securely in position against the brake disc to measure disc warp. An innovative design allows the DTi gauge to be rigidly mounted in almost any position.
  • DTi Gauge accurate to 0.01mm, total deflection 10mm
  • Simple to adjust and lock in position
  • Simple locking pliers allows the tool to be locked to any handy suspension bracket or component
  • The segmented steel mounting post can be bent into the required position and then locked
  • Ideal for measurement of run-out on almost any rotating component including brake disc run-out, drive flange run-out and end float, differential drive flange run-out and end float, propeller shaft run-out, flywheel run-out, crankshaft end float, crankshaft and bearing ovality and Lathe/turning machine run-out and ovality. Can be used on Motorcycles