Mintex Car Brake Pads front MDB1340

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MINTEX CAR BRAKE PADS front MDB1340 Replaces 9037770,PAD517,13046079022,55668321,PA6002,FVR492,269,2586,BP672,2100618005

Braking with tradition For over 100 years, the Mintex brand has consistently demonstrated a commitment to ongoing product development – a philosophy that exists to this day and helps Mintex to stay ahead of the competition.

Brake Pads In a global car market where values depreciate quickly, Mintex brake pads are developed and engineered to meet a significant demand for cost-effective braking solutions that deliver the optimum balance between performance and extended service life, by providing quality products at affordable prices.

  • Width - 149 mm
  • Height - 69 mm
  • Thickness - 18 mm
  • Wear Warning Contact - with integrated wear sensor
  • WVA Number - 21006
  • Position - front