Power-TEC 91916 Pull Strap Kit 4pc

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Power-TEC 91916





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Power-TEC 91916

  • Avoid risk of damage during heavy pulls. Chains mark metal and cause more damage, often to mechanical and interior parts. Body straps cause no damage and can be used in a variety of pulling situations, often where conventional methods will not work.
  • Kit contains 2m strap with WLL 3 tonne pull x 25mm wide. Designed for pulling and anchoring parts where access is limited (91091)
  • Includes safety sling (91094)
  • Also WLL 8 tonne x 1.45m , 50mm wide with two eyelets (91092)
  • Plus WLL 8 tonne x 0.75m x 50mm wide
  • Double strapping results in WWL 16 ton pull capacity