Work Shop Manuals

Work Shop Manuals
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Workshop Manuals

If you’ll be diagnosing vehicle faults and carrying out maintenance work, or even if you just want a more rounded understanding of how your car works, a workshop manual will provide a wealth of information specific to your vehicle make and model.

The main types of workshop manual are:

  • Factory service manuals: Ideal for experienced car users, these manuals provide a technical insight into maintenance, covering torque values, fluid capacities, diagnostic charts, prescribed maintenance timings, detailed repair procedures and a hoard of other facts and figures relating to your car model.
  • Aftermarket repair manuals: Suited to everyday car maintenance, these manuals offer ‘how to’ guides for a host of common vehicle faults.
  • Specific workshop manuals: Written for individual car parts, workshop manuals on wiring, electrical repairs and unit repairs are available for all car makes and models.

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Whether you’re just beginning to learn about the maintenance of car parts, or whether you’re a mechanical expert, a workshop manual is an essential tool that will prove an invaluable point of reference when you are diagnosing and solving vehicle faults.


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