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April, 2020

Where Is Your Car Battery Located?

If you’re struggling to start your engine, it’s likely because your car battery is flat. Often, a flat battery can be fixed with a simple charge or jump-start. But locating your car battery isn’t always easy – how do you find the battery to make this preliminary check?

Locating your car battery | DIY Car Service Parts | Middlewich

Locating Your Car Battery

Car batteries are located in different places in different vehicles. Most models hold the battery under the bonnet in one of the front corners. However, some batteries are located in the car boot to balance weight distribution. Check your vehicle handbook to find the location of your model’s battery.

Once you’ve checked your handbook, the car battery should be easy to identify. Look for a black, box-shaped battery with two large cables connected to the top. These cables are the positive and negative electrical terminals. Most car batteries measure around 6 by 10 inches, so you shouldn’t be able to miss yours.

If you’re worried about the condition of your battery, here are the factors that can affect your battery lifespan.

Fixing Your Car Battery | DIY Car Service Parts | Middlewich

Fixing Your Car Battery

Once you have located your car battery, you can charge or jump-start your car battery to get it running again.

If your car is still having problems, you can follow these step-by-step instructions to replace your car battery.

If you’re replacing your car battery, you can find the right replacement battery for your model by searching your number plate below.

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