Laser Tools 5582 GEN2 Wheel Bearing Kit/VAG 85mm

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  • Wheel/Hub bearing installation and removal tool for 85mm bearings
  • Application: Volkswagen Toureg, Transporter, Multivan & T5
  • Generation II style wheel bearings are a wheel bearing and drive flange that cannot be separated.
  • By using clamshells and force plates/pins the tool ensures the loads of insertion are taken only on the outer race of the bearing
  • For wheel bearings sized 85mm (front and rear). The extraction adaptor (572-6) for GEN2 bearing kits has been redesigned to allow the extraction of the relevant bearings without removing the ABS sensor
  • Replacement bar available Part No: 0454,Replacement Nut Part No:0108, Replacement pin available Part No: 0622, Replacement bearing available Part No 0662. Adequate and appropriate lubricants to be used on threaded force screws and thrust bearing (Laser Tools Recommends Molybdenum Disulphide Grease (black drive shaft grease)