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Air Filters
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Air Filters

If you forget to change or service your air filter, you risk airborne debris finding its way into your engine and wearing away components.  This can cause lasting damage to your engine (and your bank account).

To avoid this, replace your filter annually, using our car part finder to identify the best-fit air filters for your vehicle.

Air filters are made of cotton or paper with a rubber seal.  They are essential in preventing the build-up of dust in your engine, damage to the cylinders/pistons and overheating. 


How do I know when my air filter needs to be replaced?

  • Your engine makes abnormal sounds.
  • There is a significant loss of engine power.
  • Engine start is hindered.
  • There is increased carbon monoxide in the exhaust.
  • Your fuel consumption has increased.
  • Your exhaust gases are black or blue.


Why does my air filter need to be replaced?

  • Your filter is over a year old.
  • Oil or water has got into the filters.
  • You often drive on dusty roads.
  • Your filter has been incorrectly installed.
  • Your filter mountings are loose.


How do I replace my air filter?

Replacing your air filter is a simple, ten-minute process that can be carried out without any special skills.  However, your filter will be checked during all scheduled inspections of your vehicle.

To replace an air filter, locate the filter under the bonnet, on top of the engine in a plastic casing.  In older vehicles, the filter may be located above the carburettor. 

Remove the air filter and clean the casing using a vacuum cleaner.  To prevent dust from entering the engine, block the carburettor with foil while you do this.  You can then simply slot the new filter into place and secure the casing before closing the bonnet.


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