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Fuel Filters

Your fuel filter safeguards your engine and prolongs its life.  If you don’t replace it when damaged, your engine and fuel will fill with debris, creating blockages that will compromise your engine performance and result in pricey repairs to your engine, fuel injectors and carburettor. 

Your fuel filter is crucial to your vehicle performance.  Don’t leave your filter replacement until it’s too late – aim to replace it at every oil change.  You can identify the best filter for your vehicle using our car part finder.


How do I know that my fuel filter needs to be replaced?

  • Engine start is hindered.
  • Your fuel consumption has increased.
  • Maximum engine power has declined.
  • There are dips in the engine cycle.
  • There is no ignition.
  • In an automatic vehicle, gears may shift incorrectly.


Why does my fuel filter need to be replaced?

  • Low-quality fuel has often been used.
  • Your vehicle is frequently left with the engine idling.
  • There are harmful particles in the fuel tank.
  • The filter has been incorrectly installed.
  • The rubber seal is peeling away


How do I replace my fuel filter?

Use your car owner maintenance manual to locate the fuel pump fuse and remove this using pliers.  Before proceeding, you’ll need to engage the handbrake and ensure the vehicle is not in gear.  Start the engine to relieve the pressure on the fuel lines.  Then, turn the engine off and re-insert the fuel pump fuse.  Disconnect the battery and locate the fuel filter according to your user manual.  Remove the clips that secure your filter and remove the fuel lines from the filter.  Slide the filter out of its bracket and slide its replacement in before re-fastening.


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