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Glow Plugs

Glow plugs are vital for efficient engine start-up; they emit heat in the combustion chamber to help your engine to start. 

Your vehicle needs up to ten glow plugs depending on make and model. 

Spark plugs are the equivalent car parts for petrol engines.  While petrol combusts with a spark, diesel combusts with hot, high-pressure air.

It is recommended that you check your glow plugs before winter, either annually or approximately every 50,000 miles.  Find your replacements using our car part finder before you get caught out one cold, wintery morning on your work commute.

If you need to replace one glow plug, replace them all so that their lifespans are equal.


How do I know that my glow plugs need to be replaced?

  • Engine start-up is slow.
  • You notice bulges, cracks, melting or other deformation of your glow plugs.
  • When you start your vehicle, your exhaust fumes are white.


Why do my glow plugs need to be replaced?

  • There is an issue with your fuel system or electric wiring.

Your glow plugs:

  • Are low-quality.
  • Are not intended for your vehicle.
  • Are mechanically damaged.
  • Have been used repeatedly over a number of years.


How do I replace my glow plugs?

Locate your glow plugs on top of the cylinder head and remove the wires from beneath the engine’s valve covers.  When you release the wires, you’ll need to detach a small nut that bonds each wire to a glow plug using a wrench and loosen each glow plug with a ratchet.  Secure replacements with a ratchet and re-attach the wires and nuts with a wrench.


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