Power-TEC 92450 Paintless Dent Repair Kit 30pc

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Power-TEC 92450





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Power-TEC 92450

  • Essential PDR tools to massage out minor panel damage where the paint surface has not been broken
  • 30 pieces include: Panel punch, large wedge, S Hook (10), door jammer, mini air bag
  • Colour coded PDR tools in Chromium sprung steel include: 6mm short (230mm) straight, 10mm right hand blade x 200mm, 10mm left hand blade x 200mm, 10mm straight blade x 200mm, 10mm pointed 90* bow x 700mm, 10mm dogleg x 700mm, 10mm straight/ pointed x 270mm .
  • Plus: 10mm 90° pointed bar x 170mm, 10mm ball end x 450mm, 10mm 90° pointed bar x 170mm. 2x lever supports and 1 straight edge.
  • Two doglegs with removable ends: 10mm dogleg x 600mm,10mm double dog x 600mm and 1 x 10mm extra long double dogleg x 790mm.
  • Professional quality and supplied with a zip up bag.