UFI 23.162.02 Oil Filter Oil Spin-On

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2316202 UFI Oil Filter Oil Spin-On Replaces 100325,111782,111782/B,191993,6406


UFI Filters has developed new solutions for oil filtering, involving synthetic fibres or cellulose and resin, to handle the latest problems created by:

  • new “long life” oils
  • new additives to increase the lubricating effect of the oils
  • the presence of soot and bio-diesel in the oil
  • mineral and non-mineral oils and their degradation and contamination
  • The oil filters available from the UFI Aftermarket catalogue offer the same quality as the Original System product, and thanks to the correct sizing of the cartridges, they guarantee optimum filtering efficiency and can prevent the clogging of the filter. The targets envisaged by the Euro 6 regulations are reached with the design of «green» modules that reduce the environmental, impact and via the integration of several functions inside the oil module to reduce engine weight and dimensions. Engine performance is still maintained though, thanks to the high levels of permeability and thermal-chemical compatibility of the filtering materials, which therefore ensure low pressure and power drops.

  • Founded in 1971, UFI is a global leader in filtration technology
  • Present everywhere, from F1 with Ferrari and other leading teams, to the European space vehicle ExoMars.
  • In the OE market, UFI is the leader in filtration.
  • 120 specialised technicians in the Research and Innovation Centres around the world
  • 6 lines of filters supplied: air, oil, fuel, cabin, hydraulics and coolant, as well as thermal management systems.
  • A: 96.0
  • B: 62.0
  • C: 72.0
  • D: 97.0
  • E: 72.0
  • G: 3/4-16 UNF
  • H: 146.0